Infraworld – healthy with saunas and infrared cabins

"We live for health" is the employees' principle of daily work at TPI. Today the brand Infraworld is represented in many European countries with its unique saunas and infrared cabins.


Staying healthy is the top priority for many people. Therefore we continuously develop our products further. Our Infraworld cabins stand for innovative health concepts, which you will experience with all senses.


The saunas and infrared cabins are manufactured in the EU, to a large degree directly in Germany. Because living for health also means considering quality and added value.


International success of TPI-Infraworld from Frankenburg

Behind every company, there is an innovative mind. Franz Zechmeister belongs to that kind of founders, who, in their ideas, combine vision and potential to a successful product in the market. After having manufactured high quality saunas, he developed an infrared cabin in the garage, which proved to be an absolute trend product on the European market.

TPI’s beneficial products in the areas of saunas, infrared cabins and accessories have been very successfully marketed in many European countries. Currently 16 people are employed in Frankenburg. The export rate is 68%.

  • 1990: TPI founded
  • 1996: Focus on health products
  • 1999: First infrared cabin developed
  • 2006: Construction of a new office building and warehouse
  • 2007: The first tailor-made saunas are produced
  • 2010: Start with the TrioSol infrared cabins
  • 2012: Outdoor saunas new in the product range
  • 2015: Capacity expansion of the warehouses


Today TPI-Infraworld is considered a pioneer in the spa industry.


Innovations supporting your health

The best relaxation factors include well thought-out health concepts. The focus here is always the human being. Our clients' strong desire for relaxation, well-being and health protection drives us to continuously develop our products further.


We were the first to combine different infrared technologies in a cabin for optimal sweating. Later we unified sauna and infrared cabin for multifunctional use. Finally we developed the TrioSol infrared cabins with salt evaporator.


When sauna, infrared and brine spa (Sole-Therme) meet, Infraworld provides a new definition of preventative healthcare.



Because success is also measured in patents

The brine spa system "Sole-Therme" consists of large salt stones which are constantly rinsed with hot vapour that is enriched with salt, minerals and important trace elements. The intensive salt content corresponds to that found at the seaside, beneficial for the skin and airways.


The VITALlight-IPX4-ABC infrared radiator possesses the full infrared spectrum of ABC radiation, the glass rod is made of shock resistant special glass with watertight connections. Infrared exposure cannot be better.


Quality and standards are important for us



Our infrared cabins were tested by the Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf according to international guidelines and limiting values and received a positive report.



Our Infraworld cabins were tested in detail by the International Association for Electrosmog-Research and they entirely met the strict guidelines. They underwent the limiting values for electromagnetic radiation many times.

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