The Infraworld sauna programme

Sauna made to measure: Sauna cabins which leave nothing to be desired, are manufactured for you to the precise centimetre by our joiner in Germany. Optionally infrared and/or a salt evaporator are integrated at the same time

Sauna ranges: The classical saunas in massive wood or wooden elements in standard sizes.

Sauna-Infrared-Combinations: Multifunctional saunas with integrated VITALlight ABC radiators for a special health experience.

Outdoor sauna cabin: Modern and classic garden saunas for the pool area or as garden sheds for the perfect powerhouse in your garden.

Saunas made to measure / multifunctional saunas

Finnische Saunen von Infraworld

A sauna by Infraworld offers significantly more advantages compared to usual saunas.

Combined with infrared and/or a salt evaporator it is a comprehensive spa package. Enjoy sweating thanks to hot sauna air, relaxing by intensive infrared technology and breathing the invigorating freshness offered by the saline mist from our Soletherme (brine spa). Soothes your body and soul.

This unique combination is available in standard dimensions or with our sauna models made to measure, manufactured to your customized specifications in terms of dimension, sauna wood and interior design.

The outdoor sauna making a highlight in your garden

Outdoor saunas for the pool area or as garden sheds
Garden saunas: what a pleasure! There you can relax in peace. In the middle of a white winter landscape snow provides the necessary cooling off, when you are sweat covered from the heat. What is more beautiful during a grey weekend: Garden saunas are a very special highlight.
To make your outdoor sauna cabin fit perfectly into its surroundings, you can choose among classic and modern models, finding the ideal choice from our outdoor saunas which refine your pool area.

Finnish sauna or bio sauna

The heat you really feel in the sauna is determined by its core: the sauna heater. The classic Finnish sauna reaches temperatures between 80 and 100 °C. The body is strengthened and trained during several sauna sessions with water poured on hot stones several times.


Those who do not tolerate such high temperatures well are recommended to choose a bio sauna heater with built-in evaporator and integrated brine spa (Sole-Therme). Apart from the intensive Finnish sauna, this system also offers the possibility of a comfortable steam sauna (60 to 80 °C) or a stimulating brine steam bath.

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