TrioSol infrared cabins
with 3-fold effect

Well thought out: TrioSol infrared cabins convince with a 3-fold effect

Infrared radiation and saline mist in one heat cabin
The best relaxation factors include well thought-out health concepts. Consequently Infraworld has equipped the TrioSol heat cabins with a 3-fold heating system and integrated a brine spa (Sole-Therme) at the same time. The perfect fountain of youth for your body and soul.


Surface heating, infrared radiators and the Sole-Therme evaporator together combine three effects in a unique way:

  1. You can specifically address problem areas on the back or on the joints by individually adjustable ABC radiation.
  2. Infrared radiation from the Infraworld surface heating causes intensive sweating, supports the regeneration of the body and can also strengthen the immune system.
  3. The enriched air with minerals and trace elements from natural salt stones produced by the Sole-Therme evaporator is beneficial for skin, airways and the soul. Here you can take a deep breath of health!

TrioSol heat cabins offer several positive effects allowing you to increase your quality of life. Grant yourself the luxury of pure deep relaxation, strengthening your immune system, relaxing muscles, improving skin texture, preventing colds and increasing vitality at the same time.

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