Infrared radiators by Infraworld

The effects of different radiators in an infrared cabin

We have combined several radiation technologies in order to provide the ideal infrared experience in our infrared cabins.

Additionally to infrared surface heating, which guarantees constant radiation all over the body, intensive VITALlight ABC full spectrum radiators deliver targeted infrared exposure of the back.

VITALlight ABC full spectrum radiators

VITALlight infrared radiators contain the full infrared spectrum with 18% A, 56% B and 26% C proportion. Infrared warmth from this deep heat radiator penetrates into the lower skin layers and is quickly distributed all over the body. This can lead to many positive effects on your health and well-being.
Operating the radiator with the infrared controls is very easy. After switching on the infrared radiator is immediately ready for use, which not only saves a lot of energy but is also very convenient for the user.


The advantages of Infraworld VITALlight ABC radiators:

  • Infrared ABC full spectrum radiators

  • selective heating to the exposed skin surface

  • specific, direct infrared exposure of the back

  • fast distribution of the absorbed warmth all over the body

  • power control between 40% and 100% of the radiator

  • zone control for the radiators to the back (model TrioSol, Fusion, Vario)

  • short heating-up time - immediate use possible

  • no electromagnetic pollution

  • TÜV and tested by the Research Centre Seibersdorf

  • 230 V

Infrared surface heating

Infraworld is a pioneer in the field of infrared surface heating. Large exposure areas allow for a constant radiation all over the body. Infrared warmth penetrates gently into the skin and is quickly distributed all over the body via the blood vessels. This makes you sweat from the inside to the outside with all the benefits for your health. This is why health-conscious people count on Infraworld infrared cabins.


Advantages of Infraworld surface heating:

  • gentle heating of the exposed skin surface

  • fast distribution of warmth all over the body

  • constant and large exposure area

  • exposure from all sides

  • the intelligent control of the energy requirement provides up to 40% less power consumption

  • short heating-up time – after a few minutes more than 60°C radiation temperature

  • precisely adjustable infrared heat (between 20° - 80°C)

  • constant cabin temperature during the whole session

  • longstanding experience with continuous use in hotels, gyms etc.

  • the heating panels are operated with 230 V

  • no electromagnetic pollution, IGEF tested

  • TÜV-GS

  • Made in EU

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