Health protection with an infrared cabin by Infraworld

Two infrared technologies in one cabin

Infraworld Infrarottechniken

Infrared surface heating combined with VITALlight ABC radiators: this unique technology makes all the difference. Radiant energy is continuously and permanently given off in the whole cabin area.

For additional intensive, selective heat application to the back area, we recommend the VITALlight ABC radiator with deep heat.

Unique: the brine spa (Sole-Therme)

Sole-Therme Salzverdampfer

No matter if you want protection from colds or improvement of skin texture - the Sole-Therme provides everything you need. Large salt stones in a ceramic pot are constantly rinsed with vapour.

The air is enriched with salt, minerals and trace elements – as a consequence you can enjoy the healthy effects of maritime climate. The Sole-Therme is already integrated in the TrioSol cabins by Infraworld.

The effects of infrared

Wie Infrarotwärme wirkt

Deep heat is heat that gets under the skin. The infrared radiation energy is absorbed by the upper skin layers and penetrates as thermal energy into the body via the blood vessels of the skin, quickly distributed all over the body through the blood circulation.

This leads to an increase in body temperature from the inside and excessive sweating. The sweat volume is significantly higher than during sauna sessions. The positive effects of sweating cures have been undisputed for thousands of years.

Where does infrared support

Wo Infrarotwärme unterstützt

Intensive sweating has positive effects on the immune system and gently trains the cardiovascular system.

Infrared radiation can also support the treatment of back and joint problems. Before and after sport infrared is perfectly suited to relax muscles.

Sweating cleans the skin and can contribute to improved skin texture.

Slowing down during a session in an infrared cabin fosters well-being and increases vitality.

Absolutely agreeable for old and young

Infrarot für Jung und Alt

Infrared radiators and surface heating in an Infraworld cabin are adapted in a way that the temperature in the heat cabin does not rise too much, but remains circulation-friendly. Therefore, this well-being programme is also best suited for elderly people or children.

During pregnancy infrared is generally agreeable after the third month, however, please discuss this in any case with your gynaecologist beforehand.

Anti-ageing in the infrared cabin

Anti-Aging in der Infrarotkabine

Sweating is the best exercise for the skin. Its blood supply is better, the acid protective barrier remains strong and the moisture retention capacity is increased. This leads to more moisture, elasticity and slows down the ageing of the skin.

Furthermore sweating loosens dead skin cells, which can be rinsed off easily like after a peeling. So you have your individual anti-ageing programme immediately at hand.


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