LED coloured light, audio system and Triocontrol controls for infrared cabins

Audio system with Bluetooth

Soft music in the background can help us switch off faster after a hard day. Our favourite songs make us feel good and we also want to listen to them in an infrared cabin or sauna. This is why we have developed the audio system. It enables you to transmit your favourite music from external music sources, such as mobile phone, iPod, iPad or MP3 player, in a simple and easy way through the loudspeakers into the cabin. Perfect connection is guaranteed by the Bluetooth function or a jack plug cable. The audio system can be easily adjusted from a lying position with a small remote control.

So just choose your favourite song, lean back and enjoy a new way of relaxation with a special sound experience.

Triocontrol - multifunctional controls for infrared cabins

Our ultimate multifunctional controls offer a great deal of modern technology. Innovative control systems allow continuous adjustment of the infrared full spectrum radiator in the back area ranging from 40% to 100% and of surface heating between 30° and 80°C. In addition to this, it is possible to adjust exactly the salt evaporator intensity via the Triocontrol controls.


Infraworld infrared controls are the ideal addition to all our Triosol and Fusion infrared cabins. They can be adjusted in a precise and fantastically easy way from a sitting position - so you can completely dedicate yourself to full relaxation in your infrared cabin.

LED coloured light for infrared cabins

Colours have been attributed therapeutical effects for many years!
Light therapy in a modern infrared cabin or sauna has an important and significant effect on the human organism. Every colour influences our mind and our body in a different way, because they have different wave lengths and energy, which are transmitted to our body. The glare-free LED coloured light creates incomparably gentle and calming light moods and effects. No matter which colour appears, you do not have to do anything other than let them work their magic on you in the comfortable warmth of the cabin.

  • RED - is the colour of fire, love and passion. It stands for vitality and energy, love and passion and captures attention. Red light can stimulate and warm up, activate inner strengths and make vigorous and dynamic.

  • YELLOW - the bright sunny colour. It provides optimism and happiness and is able to alleviate anxiety and depression.

  • GREEN - is the colour of nature. Green has calming, harmonising as well as inspiring and soothing effects. It stands for safety and hope. Grief and lovesickness can also be alleviated with green colours.

  • BLUE - the colour of the sky, it radiates coolness and calm, promotes falling asleep and has a calming effect. Blue is ideal for relaxing after a hectic day.

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