Sauna controls

Sauna control X and X0

Saunasteuerung Saunacontrol X0

The sauna controls X (for Finnish saunas) and X0 (for sauna and humid function) are equipped with a very small operating unit with external power module (10.5 kW). The adjustment of temperature and humidity is very easy, continuously by a knob, which can be attached to the inside or outside of the sauna wall.

Continuous adjustment between 65 - 35% and 35 – 65 °C in humid function and 65 – 105 ℃ in sauna mode. heating time limit 6h, safety temperature limit at 128 °C, sensor, light on/off, ventilator function.

Operating unit ø : 100 mm

Sauna control C to C4

Saunasteuerung Saunacontrol C3

We offer the sauna controls C, C0, C1, C2, C3 or C4 for different sauna combinations. Adjust your multifunctional sauna with infrared radiator easily by means of the especially small and flat operating unit.

External control box up to 10.5 kW (extensible with a power circuit breaker), sensor, adjustable between 10 - 99 % and 30 - 65 ℃ in humid function or 30 - 110 °C in sauna function, heating time limit 8 h, preselection 24 h, safety temperature limit at 128 °C, real time clock, light and ventilator function, large LCD display. According to the model, the connection of infrared surface heating and/or two VITALlight ABC radiators is possible.

Operating unit HWD: 140 x 130 x 22 mm

Sauna control F301 and F321 Glass touch

Saunasteuerung Saunacontrol F321

The high-quality operating unit consists of a glass panel with touch function. It can be installed flush, which makes it fit perfectly into every modern sauna architecture. The external power module with 9 kW (extensible with a power circuit breaker) can be installed at a distance of up to 100 m. 

Temperature adjustment between 30 and 65 °C in humid function and 10 – 110 °C in sauna mode. Heating time limit from 6 to 20h, time, preselection time 24h, temperature and remaining working time, key lock / child safety lock, 2 temperature sensors, safety temperature limit at 141 °C, light on/off/dimmable, ventilator on/off/adjustable.

Operating unit HWD: 198 x 124 x 8 mm (built-in depth 24 mm)

Sauna controls Slimline 1000 and 1200

Saunasteuerung Slimline 1200

Electronic sauna control Slimline 1000 (for Finnish sauna) and Slimline 1200 (for sauna and humid function).

Continuous adjustment between 33 and 65°C in humid function and 70 – 115°C in sauna mode. Heating time limit 6h, power capacity heater 9 kW, evaporator 3 kW. 9 level humidity sequence with low water level detector and coasting function, temperature and remaining working time, temperature sensor, safety temperature limit at 141°C, light on/off.

HWD: 241 x 212 x 57 mm

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