Sauna sets, buckets, atmospheric measuring devices,...

Sauna sets

Infraworld Saunasets

Find elegant design and high quality in our various sauna sets consisting of combined atmospheric measuring device, hour glass, scoop, bucket with plastic insert and an exquisite selection of sauna fragrances from Austria.

Let yourself be inspired by the variety and find the suitable set for your beneficial sauna session.


Infraworld Aufgusseimer

In order to have an additional stimulus during a sauna bath, you can pour water onto the hot stones. To do this water from a bucket is poured over the sauna stones to be vaporised.


For this purpose we offer buckets in special steel or wood from spruce, larch and aspen. All buckets have a plastic insert with a capacity of 3-5 litres and are surrounded by wooden rings or metal hoops.


Infraworld Schöpfkellen

Finnish design is very popular in saunas. So the classical scoop in wood or special steel is a "must-have" accessory in every sauna.

Scoops help a lot when pouring water on the stones in order to avoid burns from vapour rising from the sauna heater.


Atmospheric measuring devices

Infraworld Klimamesser

Timeless design and measurable quality! Find the right instrument for your superior requirements from our high-quality sauna measuring devices. In the sauna you can measure the temperature up to 120° C as well as humidity between 0 and 100% with a thermo-/hygrometer.


All instruments are equipped with high-quality measuring components. The metal cases are additionally clipped into a satinated safety glass and can be ordered with a wooden frame in spruce or cedar.


Hour glass

Infraworld Sanduhren

We have a selection of heat-resistant hour glasses in beech and aspen wood with a duration of 15 or 30 minutes for a perfect sense of time.

Head rests

Infraworld Kopfstützen

Our comfortable head rests add another dimension of pleasure to every sauna session. The sauna head rests are made of high-quality aspen wood and consequently meet the ecological requirements.

They do not only support the head, but also relax the whole neck and shoulder area, thus enabling you to rest in a relaxed and comfortable position in your sauna. A particular highlight is the padded head rest Soft made of high-quality and antibacterial artificial leather.

Sauna oils

Infraworld Saunaöle

Come to rest, let your thoughts wander... magnificent!
Cosy and relaxing natural fragrances from silver fir needle, juniper-lemon, lemon-orange, eucalyptus, mandarin and Swiss pine will help you dream.

Gain a stress reducing fragrance experience when pouring water on the sauna stones. Sauna oil is an absolute freshness boost, offering great relaxation with the respective type of sauna oil, whether it is stimulating, refreshing, regenerating or calming.

Essential oils

Infraworld Düftesets

Enjoy a fragrant experience with beneficial aromas!
Whether they are refreshing, stimulating, relaxing or calming – our fragrance sets Active, Relax or Alpin increase your well-being and make your sauna session a moment of naturally healthy relaxation.


The fragrance combinations from 100% natural essential oils, particularly developed for sauna use, provide a beneficial sauna experience.
Let your soul be enchanted and your body be spoilt by the fragrances when pouring water on the hot stones.


Scented sachets

Infraworld Duftkissen

Herbs can have an especially beneficial effect on body and mind. We only use Austrian herbs from organic farms. The scented sachets can be used together with our salt evaporator.


The water vapour absorbs the contents of the herbs, so that they can develop their beneficial effects. To create a natural, aromatic fragrance, which will intensify the pleasant ambiance in the sauna or infrared cabin.

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