Salt evaporator: Take a deep breath of sea air

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Enjoy the positive effects of salt laden air in your sauna or infrared cabin with the unique brine spa (Sole-Therme) by Infraworld.
Gentle water vapour free from bacteria dissolves valuable ingredients from the natural salt stones and binds them in the air. This creates an ambiance similar to that found at the seaside.
Salt is a true all rounder, used for thousands of years in the treatment of skin and respiration disorders in many different ways for its positive effects.


Sole Therme Pur

Item no. B6657-1 - evaporator pot red
Item no.: B6657-2 - evaporator pot beige

The perfect solution for sauna heaters with integrated evaporator.

Water vapour rises through a special steel attachment into a ceramic pot. The large salt stones contained therein are constantly rinsed with vapour enriching the air with salt and trace elements and creating an ambiance similar to that found at the seaside.

Consisting of: Special steel attachment, evaporator pot, 2 kg salt stones

Attachments for different evaporator heaters available from our range!

Sole Aqua Premium

Item no. B6622-1 - evaporator pot red
Item no.: B6622-2 - evaporator pot beige

Additional equipment kit for all sauna heaters.

A removable special steel cylinder is placed between the sauna stones and filled with approx. 1 litre of water. The water evaporates when heating up the sauna heater. The resulting water vapour rises through the openings in the evaporator pot, which contains salt stones. It is then enriched with salt when rinsing the salt stones and is evenly distributed in the sauna.

Consisting of: Insert made of special steel, special steel cylinder with big drip container, evaporator pot, 2 kg salt stones


Sole Aqua Pur

Item no. B6659-1 - evaporator pot red
Item no.: B6659-2 - evaporator pot beige

The salt evaporator consists of a special steel cylinder, a ceramic pot and salt stones. The cylinder is put on the heating rods of the sauna heater with the salt stones placed all around.


The cylinder is filled with water and heated by the heating rods. The resulting water vapour rises into the evaporator pot filled with salt stones and enriches the air in the sauna with salt, minerals and important trace elements.

Consisting of: Special steel cylinder, evaporator pot, 2 kg salt stones

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