Infrared radiators and controls

VITALlight infrared ABC radiator

Infraworld VITALlight Vollspektrumstrahler

The VITALlight infrared ABC radiators have been specially developed for use in infrared cabins and saunas. Immediately after switching on, the radiators reach 100% power. This makes immediate use without pre-heating possible.

The reflectors of highly polished special steel offer perfect radiation distribution. So you can specifically address problem areas on the back or on the joints. The VITALlight infrared radiator pampers muscles, skin and blood vessels with an ABC infrared spectrum similar to the sun.

The model as IPX4 version is particularly suitable for sauna use. The infrared radiator rod consists of shock resistant special glass with watertight connections.

The intensity of the radiators is continuously adjustable via our especially developed infrared control, comfortably in the sauna or infrared cabin.

Infrared surface heating

Infraworld Flächenheizung

Our surface heating system allows the parallel operation of infrared elements and sauna heater without any restriction. The elements are manufactured in wooden cassette construction in aspen and spruce. They are completely sealed and therefore ideally suitable for sauna use. Perfect finish and easy assembly underline the quality of this product.

The elements can be adjusted with the sauna controls C1, C2 and C3 or with our digital control set "plug & play".

The infrared radiation of the surface heating causes intensive sweating and supports the regeneration of the body. Regular use can strengthen the immune system, increase vitality and have a positive effect in the case of back or joint problems.

Infrared control Easy Control

Steuerungen für Infrarot Easy Control

The infrared controls Easy Control are perfectly suitable for installation in saunas and infrared cabins. The intensity of the VITALlight ABC radiators is individually and continuously adjustable via our especially developed infrared control.


Our 3 different models are very user-friendly and can be easily controlled from a sitting position.

Controls for infrared cabins

Steuerungen für Infrarot Unicontrol

Our user-friendly sauna controls in modern design offer you utmost operational comfort for your infrared cabin. The small operating unit is provided to adjust the surface heating between 30 and 80°C and to continuously adjust the VITALlight ABC radiators.


The Triocontrol unit allows additional intensity adjustment of the salt evaporator. These innovative and high-quality controls fit into every modern infrared cabin thanks to their flush build-in construction.

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